automatic dry gold ore crusher machine
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automatic dry gold ore crusher machine


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size and concentrate dry placer gold. 5 tons up to 20 tons per hour with dry processing.

capacity > 10 TPH


With the high-quality economic development and the substantial improvement of people's material life, the demand for gold is increasing, and the quality requirements are also getting higher and higher. We all know that alluvial gold generally refers to the gold plucked from the sand and gravel in the water. Compared with primary gold mines, most placer gold is as fine as sand. The process of gold placer mining is relatively complicated and arduous. Generally, if you want to extract a few grams of gold, you need to mine one ton of ore, so it makes sense to say that the price of gold is very expensive.

Beneficiation Technology

The placer gold washing plant adopts jig as the roughing equipment of placer gold ore, and the shaking table is used as the selection equipment for selecting the rough concentrate of the jig. The jig is used in conjunction with the shaking table to complete the washing and extraction of placer gold. At present, the main gold selection methods are usually crushed by a crusher and ground by a ball mill, then the concentrate and tailings are extracted by gravity flotation or chemical method, and then smelted to become the finished gold.

Gold crushing technology

For a long time, our company has not only comprehensively improved the competitiveness of enterprises in terms of products, technologies, services, etc., but also deeply integrated the actual scenarios of mining customers to comprehensively solve various needs of ore. crushing technology.


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