copper ore processing equipment stone crusher
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Strong production bases, abundant manufacturing experience and professional research team help the in-depth development of mining machines.Both product types and models can meet all demands in this industry, guaranteeing the quality and delivery of equipment.

Copper Ore Processing Equipment Stone Crusher



Customer Request

need a crusher machine for copper mineral, please advise various solution, and mt tons daily production

Copper Ore Crushing Technology

The copper ore production technology includes three processes: crushing, grinding and beneficiation. In terms of crushing, super-hard copper adopts a three-stage closed-circuit crushing process, through which part of the ore can be separated and the later grinding efficiency can be improved. For grinding, a two-stage closed-circuit grinding process can be used. For beneficiation, the most typical modern beneficiation technology is mixed flotation. As a well-known supplier of mine crushing solutions, SBM can provide each customer with a complete set of copper ore crushing equipment and comprehensive technical support.

F5X Vibrating Feeder Product Recommendation

The F5X Vibratory Feeder is designed for heavy duty working conditions. It has a strong vibration strength of 4.5G and an extremely strong chute body structure. The capacity is 1600TPH, the maximum feeding particle size is 1.5m, the standard capacity of the silo is 25~45m³, and it can withstand the compartment pressure of 80m³.

Product parameters

Model Size of funnel (mm) Grizzly length (mm) Inclination (°) Speed (r/min) Double amplitude (mm) Maximum feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
F5X1045(M) 1000×4500 1×1200 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8.5 700 400 15 4475×1660×1485
F5X1345(M) 1300×4500 1×1200 900 600 22 4475×1960×1485
F5X1360(S) 1300×6000 2×1200 900 600 30 6195×1960×1680
F5X1645(M) 1600×4500 1×1200 1200 1000 22 4475×2260×1485
F5X1660(S) 1600×6000 2×1200 1200 1000 30 6195×2260×1680
F5X2060 2000×6000 2×1200 5(0-15) 1000(500-1000) 8.5 1500 2400 45 6195×2660×1680
F5X1354G 1300×5400 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 900 500 22 4998×2601×2571
F5X1654G 1600×5400 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 1200 800 30 4998×2931×2571
F5X2054G 2000×5400 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 1500 1200 45 4998×3481×2625

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