granite crushing equipment and mining equipment
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granite crushing equipment and mining equipment


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Pls send me price quote for the above equipment, a crusher for granite at about 50metric tons per hour, I am situated in western Nigeria, the equipment is needed urgently, thanks.
capacity > 50 TPH,
products crushers, screen,


Granite is an intrusive rock in the acidic magmatic rock, mostly light red, light gray, gray-white and so on. The most common structures are medium-coarse-grained, fine-grained, massive, etc. Quartz, potassium feldspar and acid plagioclase are the main minerals, biotite and amphibole are secondary minerals, and sometimes a small amount of pyroxene. Granite not only has high hardness, good wear resistance, but also has very good frost resistance. Granite is a very excellent stone, which is widely used by the people in life, and it is a very common stone.

The role of granite

Granite has many advantages such as beauty, cleanliness, fire prevention, anti-corrosion and durability. ; In chemical and light industry fields, it is used to make various corrosion-resistant pipes, tanks and containers; as a high-quality and low-cost carving material. If crushed, it can be made into cement or rock-filled dams. Many places or items that need protection from wind, rain, or rain are made of granite.


Granite crusher process

The granite enters the HST100 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher through the transfer bin. After screening, the gravel in the range of 10-20mm is selected as the finished product, and the material in the range of 0-10mm and 20-30mm enters the VSI5X9532 impact crusher through the transfer silo. Then, the discharged material is returned to the vibrating screen. Finally, the finished product enters the sand washing machine together with the belt conveyor.

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